Where to buy cheap film, paper and chemicals in the UK [UPDATED]

constantly shooting film, but at what price??

I know that most film photographers would be interested in this subject, so I decided to share my findings.

If you know any other shop that sells analog photographic materials at a reasonable prince, please write in the comments and I will add it to the list.

Process Supplies

Based in central London (near Farrindgon station, a close walk from Chancery Lane tube too) it’s my favourite “pusher” for film, paper and chemicals because it has the best balance between prices, location and available products. Buying Kodak Tri-X here is only slightly more expensive than ordering from the cheapest online shop and you don’t have to wait for ages to get it through the mail.

If you’re not based in London, it’s good to know that they also deliver and their postage costs are very reasonable.

The people in the shop are  extremely helpful and, most of the time, if they you need something that it’s not on their catalog, they’ll order it especially for you at no extra cost.


Probably the most famous photography shop in the Uk, it’s been around for ages and it stocks pretty much everything.

They often have good deals for 35mm black and white film, but generally their film prices aren’t as competitive.Chemicals and papers are reasonably priced and there’s a huge range to choose from.

It’s located near Waterloo, in London, and it’s worth a visit just for the pleasure of seeing all their stock 🙂

They deliver worldwide, but at a price, and chemicals are only available to be sent in the UK.


Probably the cheapest place to buy film online and I’ve just discovered about it now, thanks to a friend. They offer free delivery and pretty good prices.

Ag Photographic

Online shop run by die hard film enthusiast Matthew Wells, it’s an absolute pleasure to buy from them, as they’re extremely knowledgeable and their delivery times are super quick. If you have any questions about products, don’t hesitate to call them, they’re real sweethearts and they will bend backwards to help you.

It’s the only shop in the UK that stocks Diafine, a wonderful two bath developer imported from the USA (I’ll write more about it in another post, it’s amazing).

They’re based in Birmingham, if you’re from the area and you’re looking for darkroom facilities, you’ll be pleased to hear that:

“We are currently in the process of creating around 700 sq.ft of darkroom space at our premises in Birmingham. There will be the facility to enlarge from negative formats from 35mm to 10×8″ in both Black and White and Colour together with film processing facilities.

Membership will be available and a variety of workshops will be offered, ideal for anyone looking to use a darkroom for the first time and generally expand their understanding of traditional photography.

The facilities will be available to members at reasonable rates.”

Mathers of Lancashire

One of the cheapest places to buy film online, they don’t have a huge range, but the prices are very good and they tend to do incredible special offers on short dated stock.

They also sell Ilford chemistry and papers.

They have a physical shop in the center of Bolton and their deliveries are cheap and quick.


Online shop who did a good job in the past selling film cheaply to skint photography students all around the UK, recently it has seen a steep price increase and it’s not as convenient as before. It is still pretty cheap, the cheapest for some kinds of film, but I’d recommend to shop around.

Delivery is free if you’re ready to wait for absolute ages, up to two weeks, otherwise it’s 9 pounds (!!!) for a same day delivery when ordered before 11.30 or a next day delivery if ordered in the afternoon.

Keep an eye on their special offers, as they tend to sell out of short dated or out of date film at incredible prices and you can grab a real bargain.

Firstcall Photographic

Online shop with competitive prices, but an absolute rip off when it comes to delivery costs. Minimum delivery is 7.99 (!!!!), so it’s worth buying from them only if you place a big order.


11 thoughts on “Where to buy cheap film, paper and chemicals in the UK [UPDATED]

  1. Thanks so so much for this information! I’m moving to London in a month and I was looking for places where I could buy film!
    And while I’m at it – your photographs are really good 🙂

  2. I don’t know if I’m updated when it comes to prices, but I usually buy Ilford HP5, 24 exp for roughly £3 on KVJ on whitechapel road, right besides Aldgate East station.

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  4. Thanks for Process Supplies – didn’t know it either, and it’s only a few minutes walk from where I work; picked up some Ektar today. I can second Mailshots, and add Speed Graphic, which lives up to its name with reliably fast delivery. They have a good selection of reasonably priced film and a really wide range of accessories (for once, the catalogue they send out is actually worth reading):

  5. Thank you very much.
    Film developing and 35mm film itself in the UK is more expensive than the US, Korea, and Japan, but through your post, I found out that I can buy some kind of 35mm films in relatively reasonable price.

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