Andraya Farrag’s Look Book

I was meant to write this post ages ago, but a lack of time and will power made put it off over and over again, until now.

This spring I was approached by Andraya Farrag, a talented young designer from Central Saint Martins, to shoot her graduate collection look book.

I was quite surprised by her email, as at the time I had just revamped my website, getting rid of the little fashion work that I did in college to highlight my new portrait/documentary projects.

Anyway it sounded like an interesting commission and I am happy that she asked me to do it.

Andraya had a clear vision of the kind of pictures that she wanted for her look book (you can see some inspirational images here) and we both agreed that they would look so much better if shot on film, a decision that made me extra happy, since I don’t particularly like to shoot digital.

We had an incredible location, a huge mansion in the heart of Belgravia, and a really amazing team composed by talented MUA and hair stylist Heather B Thompson, the beautiful model Ida Gutowska and my lovely assistants Karolina and Richard.

the location

Some of the final pictures were published with an article on Apple Juice magazine.

You can see a different edit on my website.

Finally here are some behind the scenes snaps to say a huge thank you to all the people involved, you were awesome!

Here some pictures that didn’t make it to the final cut, but I quite like.


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