New York Report Part 3: The People

The real highlight of our stay in NY has definitively been the bunch of lovely people that we met and that made this trip so special.

We met a real mix of characters, starting with many many many photographers like…

Louis Mendes

Legendary NY street photographer who still uses the same camera as Weegee, a Speed Graphic 4×5. I saw him waiting in front of B&H and I asked to take a picture of him. I’ve discovered that he’s quite a famous character only recently by accident.

Mariette Papic

Mariette is a multimedia artist and a talented photographer, check out her website, it’s full of beautiful work


Chris is such a cool cat: he works in a junk shop, takes beautiful polaroids and has the most amazing collection of old cameras that I have ever seen. Shame that I took such an awful picture of him.


Gaspar drying his prints

Gaspar will probably kill me when he sees these pictures, because they are sooo unflattering for him (but I love them anyway, espacially the first one): I took them first thing in the morning after a whole-night-long party with no sleep at all and he wasn’t so happy about them. I wish I could link his website, because his work is breathtaking and everyone should see it, but he’s still working on it (come on man, you were supposed to have it finished by now!). He is the most handsome photographers of all, having appeared in Prada ads and several fashion shows/editorials, but most importantly he is a die hard analogue shooter and a excellent printer who carries his Leica everywhere all the time and produces BW fiber based prints of the finest quality on a daily basis. I have to admit that I’m a big fan of this man and I expect him to become a super famous photographer in the future.


Someone who is well on his way to international stardom is Ruvan and he truly deserves it. He is a uber busy proactive photographer that still manage to find some time in his tight schedule to meet me and to listen to my rants ( and I love him for this) and he is one of the warmest and friendliest people that I have ever met. He is the one who saved me from bankruptcy, showing me this place, and the first person who noticed my work at my degree show (as I have already written here).

Stephanie & Eric

Stephanie’s pictures were part of the Humankind exhibition and it was lovely to meet her and her boyfriend Eric at the opening night. They brought us to the eat the best vegan “chicken” wings in NYC (I’ll never be grateful enough for it, best greasy meal of my life) and we met again the day after to take some pictures 🙂
Her work is very beautiful and delicate and you can find it at her website here (totally worth a visit).

We did meet people who aren’t photographers, but now I’m a bit in a rush, so I will just mention briefly just a couple more of incredible people like…

the sweetest girl in the world, AKA Jennifer

best living statue ever

I apologise to the ones left out for lack of pictures and will to write, special mention to Princess Ortega, who was so nice to show us around on our first night and she has such a cool name, so I couldn’t not write it 🙂


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