New York Report Part 2: The Touristy Bits

The first few days I was too amazed to take pictures, so I don’t have as many as I’d like.

The same thing happened when I went to Venice for the first time, sometimes when I travel I’m just too impressed to be able to take pictures, I hope I’m not the only (crazy) one.

Anyway we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked and walked

We walked the High Line

walking the high must be lovely in spring

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge

view of the Bridge from Dumbo

I wanted one of these T-shirts so badly but I felt too much of a tourist if I bought one

We walked all around the city

Some highlights of the journey

The flight, because we’ve never gone out of Europe before and we were delighted to find out that you can watch movies and play videogames (yes, we’re big babies, Richard went in OCD mode and played Tetris for 8 hours no stop)

a man with an obsession

The vegan restaurants and cafes: I always thought of London as being Vegan Paradise, but New York beats it hands down. There was SO much choice and you could find vegan food basically in every corner. Any food crave can be fulfilled at pretty much any time: from Italian to Asian, from greasy fake chicken wings to healty raw food…

lovely veggie asian food at Wild Ginger

Our favourite places were:

  • Wild Ginger (pan-asian restaurant with very nice food that it’s not as greasy as the veg chinese buffets that you can find in central London)
  • Babycakes (amazing vegan wheat free cupcakes!)
  • Blossom (fine dining vegan restaurant, pricey, but totally worth it)
  • Teany (vegetarian tea house with more than 100 kinds of tea and the best vegan cakes I have ever eaten..and I’ve eaten a few)
  • Vegetarian Dim Sum House (vegan dim sum house, extremely cheap with massive portions, good to visit the last day when you’re hungry from all the walking and with little money)
  • Foodswings (absolutely AMAZING vegan american fast food where you can get the typical american junk food, but vegan eheh. So gresy but yet so comforting! Fake chicken wings, hot dogs, burgers and chips)

TheΒ New York Public Library (main branch) is an incredible iconic building and on the top floor there was an interesting photography exhibition

The Greenhouse (not sure about the name tho, it’s just a beautiful place to have a drink at)

Strand Bookstore is like a dream for any book fanatic, just like us…I’ve never seen so many books together at the same time, I wish I could move to the basement.

There is also a really good bookstore in Williamsburg where you can get photography exhibitions’ catalogues with big discounts, unfortunately I haven’t written down the name and I forgot it 😦

Photography wise we have visited the International Center of Photography, Aperture and a few Chelsea galleries

I really liked Chelsea Market, unfortunately it didn’t translate that well in pictures, it’s really industrial and I felt like if I was on the set of Blade Runner πŸ™‚

funky lift at the market

The junk shops, especially the ones in Williamsburgh.

And finally the crazy window displays πŸ˜€


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