New York Report Part 1: The Exhibition Opening

It has been a while since my last post, many things have happened and I’ve already forgotten about half of them, so it’s time that I write about the trip to NY before the big black hole that it’s my brain will totally forget about it.

To be totally honest with you, the exhibition opening was probably one of the least interesting things of the whole journey.

It was nice to meet some nice people (whom I’ll speak about in another post) and to see my work hanged up in such a beautiful space, but other than that was just another opening and the booze wasn’t even free! The last note will probably make me sounds as an alcoholic, but I’m used to London exhibition openings with free drinks, maybe it’s just a British thing, so I was slightly disappointed.

There was A LOT of work, some pictures were hanged really high on the walls and the little ones were lost in the middle. I’m so glad that I decided to reprint the picture bigger and I was really pleased to find my work hanged at eye level, in a very good position.

I realised that my DSLR can take videos, so I made my first (and shaky, I beg your pardon if you feel sick) video when I got there for the opening.

I also came back during the day to take some pictures for some photographers who couldn’t attend the opening and I had a chance to capture the lovely venue without the crowd.


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