Olympus µ[mju:]-II

I have recently got back from the lab the first negatives that I have shot with my new camera, the Olympus µ[mju:]-II, and I am very pleased.

I always wanted a little portable camera to carry everywhere and the Olympus is perfect, it’s small and it has an excellent 2.8 wide angle lens.

I would recomment it to everyone who is after a compact camera to take everyday snapshots.

lost in Hackney at night


cricket at London Fields park

Regent canal


5 thoughts on “Olympus µ[mju:]-II

  1. Wonderful photos! I’m guessing it’s a compact film camera (lab, negatives)? I didn’t know that the bigger companies were still producing those.

    • Thanks!
      It’s a compact camera, I normally use fuji film (160 or 800) and process them at a cheap lab near Brick Lane.
      They don’t produce them anymore, but you can buy second hands ones on Ebay 🙂

  2. I’ve had one of these cameras (2.8 version) for many years. Although I also have a good Minolta SLR, and Pentax and Panasonic digitals, when I am out I have the Olympus in its Olympus (leather) case hanging on my belt. It has consistently produced photos as good as the other cameras, and it’s so easy – it really is point and shoot. I recommend it to anybody.

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