Meeting up with photographers in London

It is a week now since I’ve moved to London and in this short period of time I had the chance to meet some cool characters.

At the moment I’m trying to get into assisting, so most of the time I look at magazines and websites to find photographers that I would like to work with.

very unflattering snapshot of Ruvan that I took at the pub

Anyway the first photographer that I met in London wasn’t related to my job hunting mission: he actually contacted me after seeing the exhibition at Free Range and I was quite flattered that he showed some interest in my work.

Ruvan is an incredibly cool photographer and you should all check out the work on his website , because it’s amazing.
Based in New York,  he often works in London and he gave me some good tips for photography places here.
He gave me an interesting review of the world of fashion photography and he is indeed an unconventional fashion photographer: he never assisted in his life and he is bored by most of the fashion photography that appears on contemporary magazines.
Anyway I really liked him, he is such a charismatic and enthusiastic person that you can’t help but being fascinated by him, even if you don’t totally agree with everything he’s saying (sorry Ruvan, but I REALLY disagree with your adoration for Terry Richardson).
He put me at my ease and after our chat I was way less paranoid at the idea of meeting other photographers.

I did meet a few of them for interviews and I cross my fingers that they will get back to me in the next weeks to work together.

Another person who really made an impression on me is Nik Hartley, a fashion photographer from Manchester that I contacted for some assisting work. In a way he is the opposite of Ruvan: he assisted for 8 (yes, eight!) years before eventually starting as a freelance photographer on his own. He is a lovely person and he gave me so many tips about working as an assistant and the fashion industry that I will never be grateful enough: thanks Nik!

I think that it’s very important now that I’m not in college anymore to meet up with people who are into photography, it gives me interesting perspectives on the subject and it helps me to don’t give up on the whole “I-will-be-a-photographer-at-one-point” plan.


2 thoughts on “Meeting up with photographers in London

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